Monday, December 13, 2004

A Year Later

A year ago Saddam Hussein was captured. It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since then. I still remember waking up to the news on the radio, it was either a Saturday or Sunday. When I heard Saddam had been captured, I got out of bed and turned on the TV to CNN. They were showing footage of him with his mouth open, being examined by a doctor. It seemed significant then, and I still think his capture was important. I don't have a journal entry from that day, but I wish I knew whether or not I thought the war would end soon after.

In other news, an NPR reporter interviewed a soldier who had been court-martialed and then dishonorably discharged for "using abandoned vehicles to accomplish a support mission in Kuwait in 2003." It's worth a listen, especially if you heard about Rumsfeld being questioned by a soldier about a lack of proper equipment.

I know those of us who work have probably experienced what it's like to not get support from a supervisor while trying to do our jobs. It angers me that soldiers are risking their lives in Iraq, and the government cannot even provide them with the tools to lower somewhat the risks they have to take. Let's not pretend that their lives are completely disposable.

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