Sunday, January 23, 2005

Alternative Feminine Products

To go from cars to a bit on sustainable living ...

I recently went to the Whole Foods in Manhattan (the only one in the city as far as I know), and I noticed that it carried some natural sanitary pads called Natracare. I've never been one to try the Keeper or DivaCup or whatever you call it or Lunapads, two alternatives to regular sanitary pads that I had researched.

I like that Natracare pads are disposable (I have to admit that I can't get over the ick factor of either the Keeper or Lunapads) but more environmentally friendly than your corporate sanitary pads. Natracare pads are free of chemicals (not chlorine bleached) and biodegradable (no rayon, plastic, or other synthetics). The company also offers natural tampons and panty liners.

I'd suggest anyone wanting to go more "natural" to check out Natracare's site, (in Canada), or Feminine Options (in Ohio) for more information on alternative feminine hygiene products.

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