Monday, July 18, 2005

Stoop Sales and Feral Cats

I'm posting two reports that I did for my radio reporting class. The files are fairly big but unless you're on a modem, you should have no trouble listening to them. Brooklyn stoop sales (1:42) I'd wanted to note that I always see flyers for stoop sales taped to streetlamps or advertised on the sidewalk in chalk, but there wasn't enough time. A minute and a half really is no time at all! Feral cats (3:34) The inspiration for this report came about because I fostered a feral cat that Elyse (one of the women whom I interviewed) had trapped.

After writing about my desire to walk across the country, I read about a man who's doing just that right now. He left California in April and expects to reach New York in September. His story appeared in the New York Times magazine a week ago, meaning you'd have to pay for access, but here's his Web site: The Fat Man Walking.

Just for fun, here's a cute article about the release of the latest Harry Potter book, about a husband and wife who have to buy two copies of The Half-Blood Prince because both want to read it at the same time. I totally understand their rationale. On another note, I noticed around 1:30 Saturday morning that the New York Times online had a review of the latest Harry Potter book. I wonder if the reviewer wrote a draft beforehand, based on what she thought would be in the book, and then skimmed the book for plot points. As far as I know, no advanced copies of the book were (intentionally) released.


Anonymous Hally said...

Hi Lisa! I didn't know you're taking a summer radio reporting class. Very cool.

I must confess: I was one of those Harry Potter fans who bought the book the day it came out and read the whole thing in a day ^_^;; I actually got to volunteer at a local bookstore to help them distribute Harry Potter books (and with crowed control) and got a 20% discount in return. Good deal.

Enjoy the rest of summer!

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Vivian Darkbloom said...

You have a good radio voice. Very NPR.

Re: Walking across the country.... Don't forget Granny D, the senior citizen who walked across the country for campaign finance reform.

9:54 AM  

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