Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Those Five Months Will Last Forever

There's a full-page ad for a certain online matchmaking service in the Jan. 31, 2005, issue of Newsweek. The words "...everlasting love" appear on the left side of the page. A photo of a laughing couple in wedding gown and tux appear on the right. A caption, near the center of the page, notes the couple's names as well as "married: September 19, 2004." A paragraph of information about the service is at the bottom of the page.

I understand what the ad's message is supposed to be, but maybe I'm cynical in noticing that the couple has only been married since the middle of September -- for four months -- that is, if they're still married. Getting married these days just doesn't seem that big of a deal anymore (to other people, I'm sure it's still momentous for the people getting married).

This particular service was started in 1998. Couldn't they have found a couple that met through the service and got married before the current century at the very least? Celebrating an anniversary, especially one over five years, would have convinced me more that the service leads to "everlasting" love.

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