Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Here Is New York"

This is what I observed yesterday while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge (for the first time!): "City of bridges, islands and islands, boats anchored beyond Governors Island. Promise of journey to other lands."

This is what E.B. White wrote in "Here Is New York":

I am told this is the greatest seaport in the world, with 650 miles of waterfront, and ships calling here from many exotic lands, but the only boat I've happened to notice since my arrival was a small sloop tacking out of the East River night before last on the ebb tide when I was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I heard the Queen Mary blow one midnight, though, and the sound carried the whole history of departure and longing and loss.

Overheard on the subway one night, said by a teenage boy: "If I live to be 50, I'm going to kill myself."

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