Saturday, January 29, 2005

Taxes and Food

I dared to start my tax forms, and I quickly got lost. Not only was I missing a W-2, but I was trying to read the instructions for the 1040 on my computer, after having downloaded a pdf file. That's difficult when there are 80 or so pages of instructions and numerous schedules and calculations to worry about. Add this, subtract this, multiply, divide, the IRS has really got us working on our arithmetic. I wonder what sadist came up with these ridiculous formulas.

I finally got around to the New York Times Week in Review section from last weekend and read an excellent, funny article on the new dietary guidelines by William Grimes. I'd considered doing exactly what he did (actually trying to meet the dietary guidelines), so it was interesting to read about how frustrated he got. Grimes is a former food critic for the Times and also the author of My Fine Feathered Friend, one of my favorite short books.

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