Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One Reason Why Boutiques Suck

This weekend, I accompanied a friend to a certain upscale Fifth Avenue store, the kind of place that sells a lifestyle by having the company logo affixed on everything. I followed my friend around while sipping an iced coffee when the security guard informed me that food and drink weren't allowed in the store. He then banished me to the front of the store, where a couple of chairs had been set up. As I waited for my friend, a well-dressed woman eating a peach joined me in exile, reassuring me that I hadn't been singled out based on my plebeian appearance.

I'm not sure I've ever encountered such a policy in any clothing store. I know quite a few of these boutique-y stores resemble museums in their floor displays but to have the same no-eating-or-drinking rule seems kind of presumptious. If the store was so concerned that I'd spill coffee on the $100 cotton sweaters, it could at least put up a sign on the door saying food and drink aren't allowed inside.

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Blogger Nicole Lyn Pesce said...

We used to make it a game on Long Island - ducking into stores like Bloomingdales and seeing if we got fussed at for drinks. On one memorable instance, we browsed through Victoria's Secret right after rugby practice - covered in dirt, one girl still in her cleats! VS was pretty cool about it, though.

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