Saturday, September 10, 2005


I agree with the Associated Press Stylebook, which notes that the term "Sept. 11" is preferred over "9/11." I find the term 9/11 too informal. For one, it sounds like 7-11, like it could be a competing convenience store (anyone remember 6-12?). Also, it's as if people say 9/11 because it's only four syllables, as opposed to six in the term Sept. 11.

Walking home from the train station tonight, I saw a beam of light stretch overhead, reminding me of the significance of the date. Apparently, the city is staging its "Tribute in Light" tomorrow night only, so I guess the light was just being tested. But I became a little sad upon noticing the light. I remember last year, looking out my kitchen window and seeing the twin towers of light prominently rising from Lower Manhattan. If the World Trade Center towers were still there, I'd have a perfect view of them from my apartment.

It also makes me a little sad to think that so many people seem to have forgotten that day. No one I know has mentioned going to the memorial at Ground Zero tomorrow morning, and I myself almost forgot that it is occurring. I know some people are more concerned with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina right now; New York City is host to some of the evacuees. But I also think a number of people are just caught up in their normal lives, whether it's school, work, family, friends, or some other concern. Maybe like me, you sometimes forget about the fragility of life.

After doing some research, I found out that it's supposedly not a big deal if your birthday is incorrect or there are incorrect previous addresses on your credit report. It might signify that someone has stolen your identity, but most likely an agency submitted wrong information about you to the credit bureau. Guess the industry doesn't value "attention to detail" too highly.


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