Monday, February 28, 2005

The Gates and Other Observations

The one or two of you who read my blog might notice that I've combined my two blogs. My "lifestyle" blog hadn't been updated in awhile, not for lack of interest but time, so in the future, if I notice any more cars that resemble the Geo Metro, I will post about it here. (Has anyone else noticed that a lot of cars now have chrome roof racks?)

I finally visited The Gates in Central Park yesterday, as the installation was taken down today.
The Gates in Central Park, 2/27/05
I decided to take a close-up shot of the fabric, as I hadn't been able to tell what it was like from pictures in the paper. The fabric looked kind of like the mesh jersey material that a lot of sportswear is made out of. The fabric also hung in pleats from the Gates, which I hadn't realized until I saw them in person. Overall, I enjoyed my visit. I didn't think the individual gates were beautiful (those 90-degree angles in the Gates really bothered me, as well as the metal blocks that held the gates down). But, as a lot of people have commented already, the installation did make you look at the park differently. I'd like to think a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise go to the park were drawn by the Gates to actually stroll around.

I also went to Orange Park's show Saturday night (so I could add some "color" to my profile on the band). The experience reminded me of why I never go to shows anymore, namely, when people deliberately confine themselves to a small space, they really turn into a pack of idiots. One guy gave my friend's boyfriend the evil eye for the duration of the show. I had people deliberately bumping into me, and the woman in front of me repeatedly flicked her hair into my eyes when she was trying to pull it up into a ponytail. I also don't know why people insist on shoving their way to the front of a crowd, as if they will be able to enter another dimension and two people will be able to occupy one spot simultaneously. The music was great, but I don't plan on going to any more shows for awhile.

On a lighter note, I've seen some cool things lately:
-Several couples dancing some latin dance in unison on the top floor of a building.
-People practicing Tae Kwon Do moves in unison on a higher floor of a building, as seen from the street.
-A guy sitting with a bust of Abraham Lincoln -- which he'd carved himself! -- on his lap while he was waiting for the subway. He said the finished bust would become part of some memorial.

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Blogger athena said...

Aww...I'm sure more than one or two people read your blog... ^_^ Maybe if you're not so sure, you should track your visitors like I's pretty interesting to study what you can glean from the stats. lol...

I thought your comment on two people occupying the same area was pretty funny! I hate it when I'm reminded of why I don't do certain things anymore. Like if I ever have a drink somewhere, I'll think, "This is why I don't drink alcohol." I have a feeling if I went to a club / concert, I'd probably think the same. Does this mean I'm getting old? Or lazy? Or boring? All three?

11:36 PM  
Blogger mlliu said...

I did add a tracker to my blog, and you're right, quite a number seem to come through blogspot, probably because of that random connector thingy. I feel the same way about alcohol. I figure if it tasted better AND was cheaper, I'd drink it more. But I always think, why bother?

4:45 PM  

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