Monday, October 03, 2005

I Will Not Love You Long Time

Usually I'm loathe to supply titles for my entries, but an obvious title presented itself for this entry. Saw an ad for, which carries the most awesome shirts. Besides "I Will Not Love You Long Time," the Web site sells the shirt below:
Pretty succinct.

I worked on my photojournalism assignment tonight, riding my bike around Park Slope and Prospect Park, keeping an eye out for potential subjects while bearing down on my brakes cruising down hills. The assignment -- environmental portraits -- was a perfect opportunity for me to stick my nose into other people's business and capture them unguarded. No one I approached refused to be photographed, though more than one was weirded out by my request. "It's just for class!" I'd assure them, at which point they'd "joke" about my bringing them a copy of their photo, which I'll do because hey, it's always good to cultivate potential sources, right?

I'm proud of the photos I took for my previous assignment, which was to cover a prearranged event. I traveled down to D.C. for the anti-war protest/march on the White House. Before the march, I purchased a three-pack roll of film and ended up buying a fourth roll because I just saw so much that I wanted to capture. After I get my photos back from my professor, I'll post them on my Web site.

One thing that struck me was how peaceful the march was. Not unexpectedly, the crowd consisted mostly of younger people, but I saw a number of older people, married couples, and families with young children. And a swarm of credentialed photographers.


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