Friday, December 09, 2005

The Wonder of Craigslist

So I've been bumming around Craigslist (an online bulletin board) lately, looking for sublets and rideshares and items wanted as I prepare to move yet again. I'd known there's a lot of stuff on Craigslist, but I didn't realize just how crazy some of that stuff is. It seems that there is a forum for everything and anything that people might want to purchase/sell/trade/give away.

For example, I saw the following post, titled "2 free* dave matthews band for explanation," in the "free" forum:

i found two dave matthews tickets in the park. i have something to do that night, plus i know there are some really hard core fans out there who would appreciate it more than me, so here's what's going on. because i found them i A) have no idea if they are real and B) they might be tickets that were lost and therefore reissued to whoever tried to buy them originally. in that case they may get you into the event, but then the original buyer might be sitting in the seats in which case you have to just move around during the is also possible that at this point if the original buyer cancelled these then they might not even work to get into the that case i would say avoid any hassles by saying "oh man somebody on craigs list sold me these oh my gosh!" since there is no way to prove that they'll haveto just let you i guess these are perfect for someone who was going to try there luck with scalpers anyway...this way if you can't get in you were already prepared to buy a ticket : ) i will post the free ticket exact location later tonight around 8pm...the pick up area will be hidden in the vicintiy of the broadway/houston street train station somewhere.
I like the fact that the person went to so much trouble to explain what happened and what might happen at the concert. And that the person was going to hide the tickets somewhere for someone to pick up.

The "wanted" forum is also a goldmine. For example, I learned something when someone replied to another post:

If people didn't know, Cartoon Network was a recently busted marijuana delivery network. They used "cartoon" as a code word. Add it to the list of drug slang idiots use on craigslist because they think they're slick and no one knows what they're talking about. Original: Seeking replacement for Cartoon Network
I found the following post -- titled "Are you (or do you know of) an old wooden door?" -- particularly well-written:
I'm looking for an old wooden door to perform tasks not usually performed by a door. Ideal candidate should possess or be capable of possessing the following attributes: 1. 100% wood. The kind from living trees as opposed the the compressed paper-fiber-pressboard crap that comes from the genetically engineered square-trunked trees in New Jersey. 2. Solid core. Not a hollow interior door covered with veneer. 3. Character. Unpainted or very old paint, panels, small windows, heavy hardware, etc. 4. At least an 18" width along its entire length (height) without rot or severe damage. 5. The door must be willing to be ripped (not on booze or like a phone book) to the above mentioned 18" width and attached to my wall as a sort of counter/bar. If you know of or have a door that you feel is highly qualified, please respond with the door's relevant statistics and coordinates for consideration. As this is an internship of sorts, no significant payment is offered. A small finders fee may be negotiated for an extraordinary candidate and transportation is provided.

Another thing I've realized in my online browsing is that no one seems to know what to do with old futons.

I've seen listings for free futons and futons for sale, but I haven't found many non-profits that specifically request futon donations. I tried to look for information online about deconstructing a futon, but that proved fruitless. There must be some way to reuse/recycle an old futon by taking out the cotton batting, and, I don't know, turning the futon cover into pillow covers or something.

Anyone have any ideas, let me know.

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Blogger NG said...

When I was moving away from New York, I tried to sell my futon on Craigslist, but no one would buy it from me because new futons are so inexpensive there. In Israel, by contrast, there is a slightly different piece of furniture wrongly called "futon," and American-style futons are very rare and much more expensive; I had to buy mine in Ikea.

About dispensing of used futons in the New York area, perhaps a consortium of divorce attorneys could be persuaded to invest in a futon-dealership to satisfy the demand of their newly divorced clients.

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