Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Accumulation Project

Instead of tossing out all those AOL CDs, which are about as ubiquitous as weeds, you can make sure they end up in the service of art!

Eric Brown is collecting AOL CDs as part of the Accumulation Project. In November 2006, he will build "Pillars of Decency" with all the AOL CDs he will have collected. As of the end of November 2005, he had collected 2,792 AOL CDs. The project began in September.

There's information on the Web site linked above about how to get the CDs to him. Help spread the word! And check out some of the other fun stuff being accumulated by other artists.

Note: I'm slowly going through all my old blog entries and tagging them for I'll bookmark all the entries in chronological order once I've finished tagging. So for now, the categories aren't functional.

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Hey, thanks for the accumulation project blurb!


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