Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Odds and Ends Pt. 2

A friend told me about this man she saw on TV who owned a life-size, realistic-looking doll. The man looked like a fairly normal guy, except for the fact that he treated this doll like his girlfriend. He would have a neighbor come over to put makeup on the doll. He would also dress "her" up in provocative outfits. He talked about how he was satisfied with the arrangement -- although his girlfriend wasn't real, she was quiet, and he always knew where she was.

I took a look at the Web site of the company that manufactures these dolls, appropriately called RealDolls. Standard female dolls cost $6,499 while standard male dolls cost $6,999. (Shipping and handling is a whopping $450.)

The dolls are fully customizable. Not only can the dolls be made in a number of body types (e.g., "supermodel," "dancer," "voluptuous," with thoroughly listed measurements), one can choose from among a range of faces, skin tones, and umm, pubic hair colors and styles.

The company also offers "SheMale" RealDolls!

For amusement of a less provocative nature, check out this 2000 paper from the Annals of Improbable Research titled "Postal Experiments." (The same people who publish "Annals" are responsible for the annual Ig Nobel awards.)


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