Saturday, January 28, 2006

Odds and Ends Pt. 4

A man tries to make paper by referring to a poem. Learn about the results in his hilarious report "Recipe for Paper," which recently aired on public radio program Studio 360.

Goto Reviews, which bills itself as "A Guide to the Most Efficient Things in the World," is a nifty site. For example, it made a reference to the "Mealbox" table. The chairs and table are all shaped in such a way that they can be stacked together and packed into a box.

And thanks to dan dan noodles for his concern. When I tripped, it was on a poorly lit, nearly empty block. A guy walking in the other direction turned around and asked me if I was OK, and that was about it, no snickering or laughs that I could hear. Incidentally, today around lunchtime, I was walking down 14th Street, which some of you know as one of the major crosstown streets in New York, when an older woman in front of me tripped and fell. The gentleman who'd been walking in front of her and I stopped to make sure she wasn't hurt, but she seemed more embarrassed than anything else, her sunglasses sitting askew on her nose.


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