Thursday, January 05, 2006

Danny Leiner's "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle"

Note: My thoughts on this movie were originally posted in my sidebar and was written a few weeks ago.

Yes, the "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" is silly, but it's refreshing to finally see a film that doesn't feature an Asian male as The Nerd, The Japanese Mafia Guy, The Martial Arts Expert, The Immigrant or The Restaurant/Laundry/Cornerstore Owner.

The fact that two Asian males are the leads make this film even more remarkable to me. I feel that here's finally a movie that reflects my experience, i.e., people of color as average Americans. (I also liked how the film touches upon the issue of racism. At one point in the movie, one of the "villains" snears at Harold and Kumar, "Better luck tomorrow!")

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